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Attention: Copy A of this form is provided for informational purposes only. Copy A appears in red, similar to the official IRS form. The official printed version of Copy A of this IRS form is scannable,
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Who needs a 1099-PATR form?

Any person who received funds of at least in 10$ as patronage, as a dividend or as the result of any other kind of distribution needs this form.

What is the 1099-PATR form for?

The 1099-PATR form (Taxable Distributions Received from Cooperatives) is an application, which informs IRS about items, funds and incomes that were passed to patrons to report a tax return.

In most cases, this form is not needed for filing if contributions were made to private corporations, tax-exempt organization like HAS, Archer MSAs, Coverdell ESA.  If an individual has non-taxable income, it must be noted in the following forms:

  • Form 1040 (Schedule F)
  • Form 4835
  • Or Schedule C

These forms are related to specific cases, so you must check Pub. 225 for more detailed information about filing those forms.

Never forget that all data provided by a person, must be also indicated in the declaration of the patron.

Is the 1099-PATR Form accompanied by other forms?

The 1099-PATR is accompanied by the 1099-DIV form and the 1096 form.

When does the 1099-PATR Form expire?

The 1099-PATR form will expire at the end of the tax period.

How do I fill out 1099-PATR Form?

You must fill out this form by providing the following information:

  • Information about payer

  • Patronage dividends

  • Non-patronage distributions

  • Allocation retain (per-unit)

  • Income tax withheld

  • Investment credit

  • Redemption of non-qualified notices and retain allocations.

  • Patron’s AMT adjustment

  • Credits and deductions

  • Legal and actual addresses of the applicant and patron.

Any data, which is untrue or is unreported may result in penalties.

Where do I send the 1099-PATR Form?

The completed 1099 PATR form must be sent to the Internal Revenue Service.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2015 form 1099
Instructions and Help about 2016 1099 a form
Hey my name is Brett her I'm aninstructor for overnight accounting command I want to welcome you to ourtwo-minute tax take in this two-minutetax take we are going to teach you howto complete your forms 1099miscellaneous and we are going to try todo it in two minutes or lesslet me set my watch here I have a betwith Brad that I can not do this in twominutes or lessBrad by the way is our producer he'salways saying I have too long-winded inmy videos so I'm gonna prove him wrongin this one so are you ready I got mywatch set now and here we go okay partnumber one what do you need to completeform 1099 miscellaneous well of courseyou're gonna need your form 1099miscellaneous as you can see here thatis copy a you're also gonna need copy Bcopy a goes to the IRS copy B goes tothe recipient you can see here that thiscopy a is white it is supposed to be redso the copy you get from the IRS whichyou have to give Narus or order in astore you can't print them out you needthe red copy to send to the IRS copy Bcan be pretty much anything it's usingyour own white paperyou also need form 1099 I mean form 1096that is a transmittal form it goes tothe IRS you send your copy of your tennine miscellaneous with the 1096 sent upto the IRS okay how do you complete ityou're gonna have to complete your payorinformation that's your informationright here name and address and thatinformation there you're gonna need yourpayers yeah n number or your socialsecurity number if you don't have it I'dsuggest you get an EIN number becauseyou don't want says curry numberfloating around over to place recipientsinformation going to need their AI nnumber or their social security numbervery important you get that informationand their name and address goes hereyou could have complete one or two otherboxes on this form you're gonna be acomplete box one rinse common mostcommon health promotion week will be abox seven not employee compensation forservices $600 the more you pay duringthe tax year okay form 1096 you've gotto complete the name and addressinformation up here you got to completethis information here this is yourinformation by the way the person payingthe forms or sending the forms to therecipie the person who paid therecipients the money right here you'regoing to need to put your socialsecurity number here box two or box oneyou're going to need to put your EINnumber you're also gonna need to letthem know the totalformer senator a number of 1099 tonightat miscellaneous that are going with theforms also you need to report the totalmap those report on all the forms tonine nines miscellaneous whatever boxyou're using and then also here youcheck this box right here performedtonight tell them it's a form 1099miscellaneous at your Merrick male copto be the recipient male copy a and formtwo nine six to the IRS make sure you dothat...